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 "Staff respect and celebrate the fact that every pupil is unique." (Ofsted 2015)


Northbrook School Staff


Mr D Johnson


Mrs C McCrory

Year 6 Teacher, Deputy Headteacher

Mrs J Dawson/ Mrs L French

Year 5 Teachers

Mr R Catton

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs G Ainsworth/ Mrs C Goymer

Year 3 Teachers

Mrs R Fearon/ Miss K Lakin

Year 2 Teachers

Miss J Cookson

Year 1 Teacher

Miss A Carles

Reception Teacher

Mrs R Heaton

PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs V Battersby, Ms J Hall, Mrs C Halliwell, Mrs C Kearsley, Mrs S Lewis, Miss J Platts, Mrs A Smith, Mrs J Suffield, Mrs C White

Teaching Assistants

Mrs B Boothby

Office Staff

Mr S Thomas

Site – Supervisor

Mrs P Carr, Mrs K Higham


Miss G Goven

School Cook

Mrs P Carr, Mrs P Prickett

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs C Halliwell, Mrs K Higham, Miss R Kearsley, Mrs S Lewis, Miss J Platts, Mrs C White

Welfare Assistants


 "Teachers and teaching assistants work well together, which results in an excellent level of support." (Ofsted 2015)

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