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Our last half term at Northbrook Primary is going to be busy! 

The new topic is ‘Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside’ and we are

really looking forward to getting our teeth stuck into something

different after all the study and preparation for the SATs test...

P5112377 P5112378 P5112379

 Although we did get to spend a lot of time outside in the sunshine

afterwards, as a reward!

P5112380 P5112381P5112383 P5112384 P5112383 P5112385

P5112387 P5112388 P5112389

P5112390 P5112391 P5112392

 As part of our new topic, we will be investigating strengthening and

stabilising structures, using kits, in Design Technology.  Hopefully we

will be able to make our own models using wood.  In History, we will be

learning about the development of the railway system during Victorian

times and how this led to the expansion of British seaside resorts. We

will be developing our drawing and painting skills in Art and Design,

exploring seascapes, seaside structures and boats.



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